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Takyon System Solutions Pvt. Ltd., also known as Takyon247, is a company with a proud history dating back to 2001. Founded by Jayesh Sebastian with the goal of empowering microfinance companies and "not-for-profit" societies to serve the underprivileged through the use of technology, With the guidance and vision of co-founders Raghesh PR, Paul Thomas, and Sajikumar Thottupura and a few other college friends of the founder, Takyon247 has grown to provide IT products and solutions to a diverse range of sectors while maintaining its commitment to social causes. Over the past 22 years, the company has come a long way, expanding its clientele and solidifying its reputation as a leader in leveraging technology for the betterment of society. The current Director Board Members are Jayesh Sebastian (Chairman and Managing Director), Smanitha KV (Director and CTO), Sibi Mathews (Non-Executive Director), and Jyothish Sebastian (Non-Executive Director).

  • 2001

  • Takyon System Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(known as Takyon247) has a rich history dating back to 2001, when a group of friends first envisioned the company as a small-scale initiative in the Thrissur district. In 2004, Takyon247 was officially incorporated as a private limited company and partnered with ESAF (the EEDP Program of ESAF). Over the next few years, Takyon247 developed and implemented microfinance software for various microfinance organizations.

  • 2008

  • Takyon247 incorporated Tachyon International FZC in the UAE and partnered with Zhumino Group. During this time, Takyon247 also developed cooperative banking applications, launched products such as Edu ReportZ, CRM ReportZ, and LaSaGu, and was certified as a preferred IT partner for the Income Tax Department of India and Employee State Insurance Corporation (Central Government of India).

  • 2010-2013

  • Takyon247 implemented the CBS (Core Banking System) for more than 1800 branches of various banks with Tata Consultancy Services and the State Bank of India and also implemented various projects for the Dubai Government. In 2013, Takyon247 partnered with Sutton IT, Canada, as their exclusive development company and also partnered with Hira Computer Solutions as their web and mobile application development partner.

  • 2013

  • Takyon247 launched T360 School ERP and T360 Smart Track, which are currently being used by more than 300 schools in GCC countries and 100 schools in India. In 2017, Takyon247 became associated with eSafe (the Emirates Safer Internet Society), an NGO working to secure digital safety and the well-being of children.

  • Takyon247 launched LearnersNote, an EdTech SPE (special purpose entity) to serve B2C customers, in 2019. The company currently serves over 3000 students across Asia Pacific and Canada.

  • 2020

  • Takyon247 launched the initiative STOGO (Students Task Oriented Games), a STEAM (STEM and Arts) experiential learning based learning system. This was a relaunch of the Edu ReportZ project, which was created in 2008.Currently, STOGOKITS are aligned with the CBSE curriculum and are available for students to practise and experience various STEAM activities. Also, Takyon247 launched the T360 communicator, which allows both schools and students to enrol in and experience online schooling. This was initially launched as a quick response to issues raised by the COVID-19-related lockdown.It was a huge relief for hundreds of schools that were in a bad situation.

  • 2023

  • Takyon247 is in the process of reproducing the digital model STOGOKITs of the experiential activities and launching it through STOGOVERSE, a CyberSpace that allows both schools and students to experience immersive learning methods with or without VR gears. The company is led by Jayesh Sebastian as Chairman and Managing Director, Smanitha KV as Director and CTO, Sibi Mathews as Non-Executive Director, and Jyothish Sebastian as Non-Executive Director.